All about YGRIN

YGRIN World Corporation - YGRIN strives to promote renewable energy initiatives and develop new uses for wastes by investing in research and development, green business incubation, and carbon footprint reduction. We are looking for community leaders, students, restaurants, environmental advocates, government partners… we are looking for you!

Creating jobs, reusing waste, and giving money back to the community—that’s what YGRIN is all about.

YGRIN is an alliance-building interchange with community and business leaders, waste providers, community fund-raising program members, the academic community, general supporters, and “ENERGENERATION,” the renewable energy generation foundation.

What We Do

YGRIN is a network of people who are concerned about water quality, recycling, and innovative renewable energy concepts. The idea and inspiration for YGRIN centers on collecting waste cooking oil (or yellow grease) from the nation’s abundant cooking establishments and residences and recycling it into a variety of new products. Every gallon of grease collected, water pretreatment, brown grease, and biomass is a source of renewable energy. YGRIN is the catalyst that connects these fragmented renewable energy initiatives. We bridge the gap in environmental advocacy by promoting the continued research and development of renewable energy technologies utilizing reusable wastes through global innovations in the renewable energy sciences. We aspire to “zero waste” practices that encourage the creation of commodities out of traditional waste in which all products are cycled safely back into use, rather than discarded in landfills and water systems.

YGRIN Vision

YGRIN creates a unique opportunity to make an impact in the world. Our objective is to advance the clean energy initiative. We have the ability to learn from each other’s strengths and weaknesses. It is the combined energy of like-minded individuals that will create new energy.

YGRIN Mission

To develop a network of restaurants, community partners, environmental advocates, and government leaders to implement a comprehensive approach that systematically collects and reuses the nation’s abundant waste grease, transforming it into renewable energy and other marketable products. We aim to spearhead an initiative that will not only create jobs but also keep waste grease out of our water systems and raise money for education, economic development, and charitable needs. Our mission is to promote the development, integration, and production of renewable energies through a community of like-minded individuals.

YGRIN supports education, incubating minds, providing knowledge and more opportunities to create new entrepreneurs and skilled jobs. Developing the community and researcher’s ideas, we can make small projects flow successfully and perhaps show the world spectacular achievements.

This is a contagious initiative at the right moment in our society. Create the “zero waste” generation. “ENERGENERATION”

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